Pricing for Multiples

Congratulations to all moms of multiples! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you the extra time and individualized attention that each baby needs to thrive. Consultations for multiple babies require additional time for exams and extended feeding assistance. We’ll make sure that each baby has a customized feeding plan so you can feel confident getting through the night. Please contact us to arrange an appointment or if you have any questions.

In-Home Self-Pay (out-of-network)

ConsultationTypeTimePriceTravel Fee
Prenatalin-home90 min$150some areas
Initialin-home120-150 min$300some areas
Follow Up in-home120 min$250some areas
Weekend feein-homen/a$35n/a
Holiday feein-homen/a$40n/a

Telehealth Self-Pay (out-of-network)

ConsultationTypeTimePriceTravel Fee
Prenataltelehealth90 min$150none
Initialtelehealth120-150 min$275none
Follow Uptelehealth120 min$200none
Weekend feetelehealthn/a$35n/a
Holiday feetelehealthn/a$40n/a