All consultations include…

Parent & Baby Exams

Comprehensive physical exams for parent and baby. You’ll find out how it affects your baby’s feedings.

Breast, Chest and Bottle Feeding Help

Positioning, latching, keeping your baby awake, optimal bottle feeding techniques, getting baby back to the breast.

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Assessments

Comprehensive, evidence-based oral motor function assessments. Learn how oral motor function affects a baby’s ability to get milk from the breast. Learn how it affects your supply.

Custom Feeding Plan

Learn when to feed, how long to feed, how frequently, how much to feed, and when to rest.

Pumping Assistance

Are you making enough milk? Learn how to maximize milk production, size for comfort, find a regimen for exclusive pumping

Unlimited Support

You’re not alone after your visit. We’re available to tweak your feeding plan and troubleshoot issues.

Important things to know

Travel Fees

Travel fees apply in some areas. Please see our Travel fees page for more details. Contact us with any questions.

Weekend and Holiday Fees

Weekends have an additional fee of $35

Holidays have an additional fee of $40

*please contact us for availability

Multiple babies

Multiples – Multiple infants require additional time and have additional fees.

See our Pricing for Multiples. Please contact us to discuss details and arrange a visit.


We are in-network with Aetna. We can take several other PPO insurances through a third party called The Lactation Network (TLN). We can generally take most BCBS, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, PNOA, and Multiplan insurances. If you have out-of-network insurance, there are several payment options and ways to get reimbursed by your insurance company. Please follow the insurance link for more information. Please visit the insurance page to learn about how to get your lactation visit covered.

In-Home Consultation Self-Pay (out-of-network)

ConsultationTypeTimePriceTravel Fee
Prenatalin-home90 min$150some areas
Initialin-home90 min$200some areas
Follow Upin-home60-90 min$175some areas
Weekend feein-homen/a$35n/a
Holiday feein-homen/a$40n/a

Telehealth Consultation Self-Pay (out-of-network)

ConsultationTypeTimePriceTravel Fee
Prenataltelehealth90 min$150none
Initialtelehealth90 min$150none
Follow Uptelehealth60-90 min$120none
Weekend feetelehealthn/a$35n/a
Holiday feetelehealthn/a$40n/a